Words Create The World.

Shikara Bharath is thirteen years old and this is the speech she made at her (and my daughter’s) youth leadership graduation ceremony last night.

I think her passion is awe inspiring and her speech moved me. I asked her if I could post it on my blog and here it is.


Five years ago, a young girl felt life was merely existence; she hadn’t found greatness within her being. She felt as if her years were just simply breathing and blinking, she saw talent possessed by her peers, talent possessed by her siblings- talent that she did not possess. But not long after she emerged from her young self and began to mature, her passion had found her;and she had finally found her true purpose.The girl began to write, allowing her to free her thoughts from the touch of a pen to the surface of paper.

Thinking is something that you can never stop doing, even throughout sleep or relief. Words, for me are a fast flowing river of endless thoughts.

Ladies and gentlemen I am almost certain that for more than half of you words are simply a way of communication, understanding but they make the world the way it is- they give it colour. I hope that I can show you the much of that of the little they seem to you.

My one desire for my future life is to create a world of nothing but words. To write out my heart’s content and have someone seek pleasure through what I’d created. I am willing to work a life’s worth of effort to reach my dreams which wait for me upon the silver stars, and I believe that that moment shall be the moment that I reach defined happiness. ‘The important thing is, no matter who says what, to be ready at any moment to sacrifice what you are, for what you could become’ said Charles Dickens and I shall balance on that sentence for the rest of my life.

The power of words are extraordinary. Exhibiting phrases of encouragement can leave your words imprinted on one’s mind, asking how someone is out of complete courtesy can be the flicker of light through their dark day; expressing love genuinely from three overused words can be the first of its shown value and meaning.

And remember, the same amount of passion we feed into love can just as well become hate, and words of hate can burn on even through rain. Jenna Black once said, ‘Be sure to taste your words carefully, before you spit them out.’

For words are sounds of meaning- they can be spoken in a matter of moments but their echo shall go on forever. Their thunder is inexplicable, they build and support; and with the same strength can break and destroy with every syllable grown from the same sentence. Words can answer a child’s one wish, a simple ‘yes,’ can open doors more than one can expect.

I have lived in the room of four corners, imagination, thinking, belief and words. I now know who I am, I am a person who creates something out of nothing, part of a group of thinkers, people who are misunderstood and escape reality through their passions, who love every moment of their world.

The importance of writing has only grown deeper into my heart, anchoring its roots.That girl who was once so lost now stands before you five years later, still consumed by her world of thoughts.

Ladies and gentlemen have I shown you the much, of little you thought words expressed?

©S. Bharath. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.