Sexy Duo-Australia. ‘It was Only A Kiss in Oz.’

Sexy Duo

I am mega excited to be featured with the awesome Liz Fielding for May Sexy duo. Apart from the fact that I adored Anything But Vanilla, Liz is such a respected writer and I’m honoured to share this due with her.

Anything But Vanilla… by Liz Fielding

Sorrel Amery is determined to make her summer event the talk of the town, and she knows just the way into people’s hearts – Champagne sorbet! It’s the perfect strategy…until the ice cream parlour’s owner runs off, leaving Sorrel’s plans melting faster than a sundae in the summer sun.

When the luscious Alexander West arrives to help pick up the pieces, Sorrel’s life gets shaken up more than ever before! Especially as this globe-trotting adventurer is determined that nothing in her life should ever be boring old vanilla again…

It Was Only A Kiss by Joss Wood

For driven businessman Luke Savage success is the only option. So when gorgeous marketing intern Jess Sherwood waltzes into his office and casually informs him that his newly inherited vineyard has an image problem, he’s outraged! She’s naïve and overly ambitious, all Luke can do to stop her talking…is to kiss her.

Eight years later the vineyard needs a boost – and Luke needs a hip new marketing strategy to save it. Jess may drive him crazy but she’s the right woman for the job. Their only problem is how to keep their minds on work and off that kiss!

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