On Heroine’s

I love strong woman and my heroines are pretty much always feisty, confident and sparky. They know what they want and how to get it and they frequently don’t need a man in their life…or so they think!

But writing about strong woman isn’t always easy. You have to balance their success with their likeability and while my heroines are generally successful, I try to give them an underlying insecurity to make them more human. And I shy away from making them materialistic. For them, and for me, it’s not about the money but their journey to learning to make space in their lives for a man, to find some sort of balance in their lives and of course, it’s about finding a hero who is strong enough and alpha enough to take them on.

As I write my first draft my characters grow on me and they bounce off each other and the second draft is where I refine their motivations. Then I write another draft, usually after my editor has poked holes in those finely crafted motivations and told me to dig deeper. (Piece of advice to new writers- save yourself the hassle and dig as deep as you can into your character. You’ll thank me, I promise. I’m still learning to do it!)

I came across this blog by Writer’s Write on creating a strong female heroine and I will definitely be using these top ten tips in my future writing.

Because, after all, writing is a craft, and you’ve got to keep learning!

Take a look:


Have a great week everyone