Meet the Maverick Millionaires!

9780373734672Meet Mac, Kade and Quinn, the ice hockey playing, panty- melting, commitment phobic heroes from my “Mavericks to Married” Trilogy for Desire.  They work together, play together and are fiercely loyal to each other. They also, as guys do, believe it is their moral duty to tease each other mercilessly!

Mac is the first Maverick to bite the matrimonial bullet!

He’s the current Captain of the Mavericks ice hockey team, far too independent and self-reliant. His world tumbles down around him when he injures his arm and his injury is severe enough to threaten both his career and to put the Mavericks in jeopardy. He has a slim chance of recovery if he engages the physiotherapy services of Rory Kydd. Rory is throughout under-impressed with Vancouver’s most eligible bachelor, she knows exactly who Mac McCaskill is and she doesn’t like him much.

Except when he kisses her…Rory likes his kisses far more than she should.

Anything can happen on an island with the one who got away… 

Fame, fortune and a sexy-as-hell swagger make famous hockey player Mac McCaskill nearly irresistible to Rory Kydd. They shared a searing-hot almost kiss years before. But now that she’s been contracted as his physical therapist, she’s determined to keep things professional. She keeps her hands to herself—until she and Mac are isolated on his private tropical retreat during a raging storm…

Mac never forgot how Rory made his blood burn. He wants the kiss they never had…and much more. But once the storm ends, so does the fantasy. Will the connection they found in paradise survive the real world?

Meet Mac here in July 2016!


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